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  • Can we trust the team at Sites2Behold?Open or Close

    Yes. If you ask us a question, we’ll give you an honest answer – even if it might not be good for us.

  • Are you expensive?Open or Close

    Well, that depends, right? Quality services and materials require a talented and experienced team. We are not the cheapest, or the most expensive. We have competed on projects where agencies were charging upwards of $300/hour and others were bidding at minimum wage. We try to balance our rates in order to employ passionate and talented professionals, while providing consistent value to our customers.

  • What do past clients say about working with Sites2Behold?Open or Close

    “You Rock!” – yes, an actual testimonial. We love it. Just read through our website and you’ll find true statements from real clients. Even better, we’d be glad to provide a list of past clients who have agreed to speak/email with prospective clients on our behalf. Another favorite, “your dedication, integrity and honesty sets you apart from other agencies we’ve worked with before.”

  • What makes Sites2Behold special?Open or Close

    Our team. We are unique and special, and believe that you are too. Our Commitment. We love to learn about your distinct needs, and to solve your problems with distinctive solutions. Our Work Ethic. Our lead developer has worked overnight, after a full day, to fix an unexpected issue for a client. Our Experience. Our designers can take a simple box and make it look like artwork. Our Authenticity. Our team values work/life balance and the freedom that internet work can bring, yet we are passionate, and go the extra mile.

Our web projects are all unique.

  • Will Sites2Behold update an existing website?Open or Close

    Of course! It doesn’t matter if it is only a little change, something ad hoc, or large and ongoing. We love to help people, and one of the ways we can serve others, is to put our expertise to work by saving our clients time and energy trying to figure out how to change a sentence on their home page, or replace a picture. We charge by the hour, and will give you a fair estimate up front. We are also happy to provide ongoing maintenance contracts.  If you need our help Contact us.

  • Do you offer monthly support contracts?Open or Close

    Yes. We highly value working with businesses on a continuous basis, not only does it help us out, but it gives us a chance to build relationships that add value over time. We will tailor our support contract with each client to suit their needs. Our team members have offered support work to CSC, The US Air Force, SpiderCloud, The Department of Commerce, Rainmaker Systems, and American Airlines along with many small clients and non-profit firms. Please take a moment to read more about our consulting and contract services or contact us to setup a meeting to discuss your needs.

  • How long does a typical website take to launch?Open or Close

    Anywhere from 4 weeks to several months. It depends on the scope of the project, as well as the readiness of the client’s information, content, and imagery. After all the information is gathered, a small website can often be built in a couple of weeks, then add in testing and feedback, and you’ve got a month before delivery. A large enterprise site can take upwards of a year. We will work with you to determine realistic timelines. We’ve been doing this for years, and have learned how to estimate fairly accurately, and we have experienced project managers available for larger projects.

  • Do you create custom sites or just use templates?Open or Close

    It really depends on our client’s specific budget and needs. We can create a completely custom solution, or customize a template on a budget, to look custom. We have samples of both custom and easy-to-manage template-based projects in our portfolio. We have the experience and skills to create fully customized content management systems, databases, and specialized eCommerce websites.

Our Consultants rock!

  • Are your consultants certified?Open or Close

    Some of our consultants are certified in their specialty, such as our six sigma black belt. They usually have at least a bachelor’s degree, and over 10 years of experience. Our consultants love what they do, and are continuously enhancing their skills to remain best-in-class.

  • Do your consultants travel?Open or Close

    Yes. We often travel for initial meetings and requirements gathering. Consultants are also available depending on the specific requirements of the job. Please contact us to discuss your needs if onsite consulting is a necessity for your project.

  • Will your consultants work in our offices?Open or Close

    Yes, depending on the consultant and job requirement. Please contact us to discuss your needs, as all projects are unique.

  • Do your consultants work set business hours?Open or Close

    Our team members are in charge of their own schedules, and work efficiently and effectively to deliver projects on time. However, our consultants can work set hours if the project or client states this as a requirement. Please contact us to discuss your needs, as all projects are unique.

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